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During the design process Lucent took great care to concentrate on the opinions of our clients. The range consists of soft, minimal appearance, trimmed and trimless fixtures. Low glare fixtures, fixtures which, in most cases, accept three accessories and fixtures, which have a hot locking mechanism in both tilt and rotation to assist the lighting designer during the focusing process and to assure the end user that the design will be maintained for years to come.

Lucent have launched their own brand  LED light engines for use with the majority of their ProSpex downlights.

This range of LED modules in both 50mm and 70mm is very comprehensive and now includes Ambiance WarmDim.

To find out more information and view data sheets please see the product ranges on the left.


Feb march mondo ad axis  

Feb/Mar 2015 mondo*arc features Lucent's 

ProSpex Axis Midi Trimless with Long Snoot