Mardan Palace, Antalya

Lighting Designer - LDI, London

Project Fittings - Soft 70 Trim Accent

Located on the sun kissed Turkish Riviera in Antalya, 'Mardan Palace Antalya' hails a return to the opulent, golden age of the Ottoman Empire. Surrounded by the dramatic Taurus Mountain range, this palatial Hotel will be Turkey's first five-star Destination Resort.
'Mardan Palace Antalya' comprises of 546 rooms, including two Royal Suites with private pools.  With Turkish heritage in mind, internationally acclaimed designers have created architecture to reflect the distinctive landmarks of Istanbul - the main Hotel will resemble 'The Dolmabahce Palace' and bridges across the pool are based on original designs of the 'Da Vinci Bridge'.


Fittings/Ranges used