Turnberry Hotel, Scotland

Lighting Designer - Studio 29, London

Project Fittings - Focus 90, Gimbal Mini, ProSpex 100-LED, Clickstrip

Lulled by the staggering beauty of mile after mile of Ayrshire coast, guests driving in are often unprepared for the attention commanded by the stately Turnberry Resort when it bursts into view. A hotel in the style of an opulent Edwardian country house was built on this 800-acre estate at the turn of the 20th century, and its grandeur has been carefully preserved ever since.

A far-reaching, £30 million restoration, initiated by Turnberry's new owner, Leisurecorp, has now been completed. Led by interior designer Mary Fox Linton, the renovation returns the 103-year-old hotel to the original vision of its architect, James Miller. Red-roofed Turnberry Resort will keep its rightful place as one of the world's top hotels for years and years to come.

After an absence of 15 years Turnberry was host to The Open 2009 golf Championships.